Our superstar parents do these 12 things to contribute positively to our studio community.

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1: Sign-up for AutoPay with a credit card upon registration.
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2: Commit to the recital early.
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3: Respect our studio lobby.
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4: Are supportive adult role models for everyone.
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5: Encourage your child to be the best student they can be.
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6: Maintain a quite and respectful waiting room.
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7: Team up to clean up.
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8: Take their child to the bathroom before class.
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9: Keep snack and drinks until the end of class.
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10: Keep informed and stay informed.
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11: Address all inquiries directly with management via email or over the phone.
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12: Share in our mission, vision and values.

Today’s video is all about our Superstar Parents and the 12 things they do to contribute to outstanding dance studio culture. 

  • Our superstar parents sign-up for autopay with a credit card upon registration. It’s the easiest and most convenient way to be a part of our school. 
  • Our superstar parents commit to the recital early. We are recital-based school, and our community loves that. Purchasing your costume and committing to the recital early means your child will always feel included. 
  • Our superstar parents respect our intimate space. Hanging out after lessons can lead to unwanted congestions, so please! keep it moving.   
  • Our superstar parents are supportive adult role models for everyone. Though the people are always watching, let’s commit to be amazing adult role models. 
  • Our superstar parents encourage their child to be the best student. We all need reminders especially our children. So, let’s encourage each child to be the best that they can be. 
  • Our superstar parents maintain a quiet and respectful waiting room- quiet, please while classes are in session. 
  • Our superstar parents maintain a clean environment. We encourage the entire community to Team Up to Clean Up. 
  • Our superstar parents take their child to the bathroom before class. We want to avoid uncomfortable accidents, loss of class time, and a follow the leader scenario- you know what we’re talking about, as soon as one child has to go, the rest have to go too. 
  • Our superstar parents keep snacks and drinks to the end of class. Classes are only about 30 to 45 minutes and a tummy full of water and food can lead to cramps and tummy problems.  
  • Our superstar parents keep informed. Communication is a two-way street. We promised to make every effort to keep you informed and our superstar parents always stay informed. 
  • Our superstar parents address questions, comments, concerns, problems, complaints, or observations directly with Management via email or over the phone. And finally, 
  • Our superstar parents share and support our vision, commission, and values the way that it is our goal to give you an outstanding experience at our school. 

Thank you again for being here! You and your child are valuable contributors to the magical experience of dance at our school.