Commitments from our Teachers

30-Ribbon Badge
1: Our teachers greet every parent and student with a warm smile.
30-Ribbon Badge
2: Our teachers make a sincere effort to learn your name.
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3: Our teachers are prepared, well rested and on time.
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4: Our teachers are dressed in approved dance attire.
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5: Our teachers create an energized learning environment.
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6: Our teachers dance full out with our students often.
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7: Our teachers follow a high quality dance curriculum.
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8: Our teachers are rarely engage in electronic devices.
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9: Our teachers strive to be excellent role models.
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10: Our teachers give everyone a life-long love of dance.

In today’s video, we will share with you a bit about our outstanding teachers and the unique teaching structure we have at our studio. 

Our Teachers are trained in our studio Methodology, Philosophies, Curriculum, and Choreography. 

Our Teachers consists of senior high school, college, and university students who are about 17 to 24 years old.  

We feel, this is the optimal age for dance teachers as they’re able to offer the right amount of energy, engagement, caring, and enjoyment to your child’s class. 

Our Teachers are on a rotating schedule to accommodate their work study balance. We make every effort to keep the same teacher for at least 12 weeks. However, having the same teacher every week should NOT be expected. 

Here are 10 things you should know about Our Outstanding Teachers: 

  • Our outstanding teachers greet every child and parent with a warm smile. 
  • Our outstanding teachers make a real effort to learn the names of parents and students. 
  • Our outstanding teachers are prepared, well rested and on time. 
  • Our outstanding teachers are dressed in approved studio dance attire. 
  • Our outstanding teachers create an energized and engaging learning environment. 
  • Our outstanding teachers dance full out with our students often. 
  • Our outstanding teachers follow the approved studio curriculum. 
  • Our outstanding teachers are rarely engaged in personal electronic devices. 
  • Our outstanding teachers strive to be excellent role models for your child. And finally,  
  •  Our outstanding teachers make a sincere effort to give you and your child a life-long love of dance. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us.  We appreciate being a part of your magical dance journey!