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Your child should dance with us if you are looking for a

  • Non-competitive,
  • Examination based,
  • Recital and performance based studio.
  • We proudly offer a progressive dance curriculum with complimentary take home and online learning materials.
  • Our program is tailored specifically for your child in Junior Kindergarten to Grade Six.

Your child is unique in our eyes, deserving of every opportunity to develop into the dancer and person they want to be. 

In every class your young dancer will experience technique, choreography, imaginative props, and improvisation. The class is a wonderful blend of activities to develop not just dance ability - but life skills.


As parents, we all want our children be confident, work and play in groups effectively and develop a passion for life.

Our classes are structured for that success.

Character building attributes your child will develop through dance include cooperation, attentiveness, an open mind, encouragement, respect, self discipline, commitment, confidence, friendship, and leadership.

Remember, dancing is fun. It is endorsed by the Canadian Government as an appropriate physical fitness activity for children. It improves posture, balance and flexibility. Dance builds character, confidence and teamwork. Dance is appreciated throughout the world and embraced by many cultures.

Our commitments to our families:

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Local & convenient locations in your community: We can be found in schools, daycares & community centres.
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Excellent Value: Dance education at an exceptional value.
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Online Support: Home study support, online anytime.
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Experience a "FAMILY FIRST" Community: It's about more than just great dancing!
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Life-Long Friends: We give families the opportunity to create life-long friendships.

Dance Kids Toronto: Why Choose Us for Your Child's Dance Journey in Toronto

In the bustling city of Toronto, where the vibrant tapestry of cultures and talents unravels, DanceKids Toronto stands as a beacon for children seeking to embrace the world of dance. Our dance studio is not just a place to learn steps and routines; it's a sanctuary of creativity and self-expression. But what sets DanceKids Toronto apart, and why should your child dance with us? In this exploration, we delve into the unique qualities that make our studio a preferred choice for parents and kids alike.

Non-Competitive, Examination-Based, Recital, and Performance-Focused Studio

At DanceKids Toronto, we offer a dance experience that's unlike many others. Our approach is built on a foundation of non-competitiveness, examination-based learning, and a strong focus on recitals and performances. We recognize that children come to us with various goals and aspirations, and our diverse approach allows them to find their own path within the world of dance.

Non-Competitive: We believe that dance should be about personal growth, self-expression, and joy. It's not a competition with others, but a journey to discover one's own abilities and talents. Our non-competitive environment ensures that every child can dance at their own pace without the pressure of competition.

Examination-Based: While we embrace non-competitiveness, we also provide structure and a sense of achievement through our examination-based approach. This allows children to set clear goals, measure their progress, and gain recognition for their hard work and dedication.

Recital and Performance-Focused: We understand the importance of stage experience in a dancer's journey. Our studio places a strong emphasis on recitals and performances, providing children with opportunities to showcase their talents and build self-confidence in front of an audience.

Progressive Dance Curriculum with Complimentary Learning Materials

One of our core strengths is our progressive dance curriculum. We understand that children come to us with varying levels of experience and skills. Our curriculum is designed to accommodate this diversity while ensuring steady progress for every child.

Complimentary Take-Home and Online Learning Materials: To support the learning process, we offer complimentary take-home and online materials that allow children to practice and refine their dance skills beyond the studio. This resource-rich approach ensures that learning is not confined to class hours but can be continued at home.

Tailored Program for Junior Kindergarten to Grade Six

DanceKids Toronto is dedicated to providing a tailored program that specifically caters to children in Junior Kindergarten to Grade Six. We understand that the needs and abilities of children in this age range are unique, and our programs are designed with these considerations in mind.

Your child is unique in our eyes, and we believe in providing every opportunity for them to develop into the dancer and person they want to be. Our tailored programs aim to nurture individuality and create an environment where every child feels valued and supported in their journey.

Holistic Development Through Dance

While dance is at the core of our programs, we are equally committed to the holistic development of each child. As parents, we all want our children to grow into confident individuals who can work effectively in groups, and most importantly, develop a passion for life.

Our classes are structured to align with these growth objectives. In every class, your young dancer will experience a blend of activities that focus on technique, choreography, imaginative props, and improvisation. It's not just about dance ability; it's about building essential life skills that will serve them well beyond the dance floor.

Character Building Through Dance

Character development is a fundamental aspect of our dance education. We believe that dance has the power to instill values and life skills that will benefit children throughout their lives. In every class, children have the opportunity to build character attributes that go beyond dance proficiency.

  • Cooperation: Dance classes promote teamwork and collaboration as children learn to move together harmoniously.
  • Attentiveness: Through the precision of dance, children develop focus and attention to detail.
  • An Open Mind: Dance encourages creativity and the willingness to explore new movements and ideas.
  • Encouragement: Our nurturing environment fosters self-motivation and confidence.
  • Respect: Children learn to respect themselves, their peers, and their instructors.
  • Self-Discipline: The structure of dance classes instills discipline and a strong work ethic.
  • Commitment: Dance education encourages dedication and perseverance.
  • Confidence: Mastering dance techniques and performing boost self-confidence.
  • Friendship: The camaraderie within our dance community leads to the formation of lasting friendships.
  • Leadership: Dance empowers children to take the lead and become confident leaders.

The Joy of Dance and Its Wider Benefits

While character building is an integral part of our approach, we never lose sight of the fact that dancing is, above all, fun. Dance is a joyful form of self-expression that brings smiles, laughter, and a sense of fulfillment to children. It is an activity endorsed by the Canadian Government as an appropriate physical fitness activity for children.

Dance Improves Posture, Balance, and Flexibility: The physical benefits of dance are significant. It enhances posture, balance, and flexibility, contributing to overall physical well-being.

Dance Builds Character and Confidence: As highlighted earlier, character building is a central component of our dance education. It's about nurturing self-confidence and a positive self-image.

Dance Encourages Teamwork: Dance is a collective art form that promotes teamwork, cooperation, and a sense of belonging to a group.

Dance is Appreciated Worldwide: Dance transcends borders and is celebrated across cultures and communities. It fosters an appreciation for diversity and inclusivity.

Conclusion: Why DanceKids Toronto is the Right Choice for Your Child

In the city of Toronto, where opportunities for kids abound, DanceKids Toronto stands out as a holistic and values-driven choice for your child's dance education. Our non-competitive, examination-based, and performance-focused approach ensures that children find joy in dance without undue pressure.

With a tailored program, a progressive curriculum, and a focus on character building, we aim to foster not just skilled dancers but confident, creative, and respectful individuals. The joy of dance is at the core of our programs, with the added benefits of improved physical fitness, posture, and balance.

Choose DanceKids Toronto, and embark on a journey where your child will not only discover the magic of dance but also build character, forge lifelong friendships, and develop a passion for life. Our commitment is to nurture the potential within every child, and we invite you to join us in this transformative dance experience.