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Watch every class and celebrate every precious moment!

Dance Kids is the perfect place for your little one to dance! We offer lessons for children as young as three (entering JK in September) and for dancers up to 8 years of age (grade 2).

Our early childhood ballet/hip hop lessons are taught by quality Dance Kids Canada curriculum trained teachers who have a sincere love of teaching and who are overjoyed to share their passion of dance with your child.

Most importantly, Dance Kids welcomes and encourages all Moms and Dads to stay and watch the lessons making it an inclusive family experience

6 reasons to choose Dance Kids Toronto for your child:

30-Ribbon Badge
Open Classes: You’ll never miss a step! Parents are welcomed and encouraged to watch every lesson.
30-Ribbon Badge
Real Dance Technique: Real dance unfolded magically and creatively through an inspired curriculum. We nurture correct technique, without the time-filling gimmicks. It’s pure, creative dance.
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Register without fear! We have a 14-DAY Money Back Guarantee: If for whatever reason your child does not LOVE our classes - simply withdraw for a FULL REFUND within your 14-DAY Introductory Period.
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Character Building in Every Class: It's about more than just great dancing - it's about building character and enhancing lives. Watch the life-lessons unfold before your eyes such as; taking turns, following instructions, sharing, caring, and so much more!
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We want to give you and your child a great start in dance: We offer a starting place for children, parents and teachers to nurture lasting, lifelong friendships, while we celebrate our steps together.

What happens in a Dance Kids Canada class?

All of our classes follow a similar format and are packed full of variety, energy and fun.

  • Welcome & Warm Up
  • Skills & Technique
  • Across the Floor & Travelling Steps
  • Improvisation, Mime, Dance Circle
  • Recital Prep & Choreography
  • Goodbye & Thank you



A thirty-minute structured hip hop class. Our class provides a structured method of learning various Hip Hop dance movements in a fun-filled and vibrant class environment. The resulting outcome is an energetic class that not only teaches you Hip Hop movements and technique, but also instills rhythm and precision in your muscle memory. We end the class with a high energy Hip Hop routine, Finale routine and Goodbye Dance.

At the Recital, students will be presented an award medal.

Your child will be lead through a progressive and rewarding curriculum.

We proudly offer our students a high quality dance curriculum with bonus learning tools and materials.

Students will
work towards this AWARD

It will be awarded to your child at their 1st recital.


Students will
work towards this AWARD

It will be awarded to your child at their 2nd recital.


Students will
work towards this AWARD

It will be awarded to your child at their 3rd recital.


Students will
work towards this AWARD

It will be awarded to your child at their 4th recital.