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The Curriculum

If you are not a current student, you can click the PREVIEW button to get a sneak peak. 

If you are a current student, you can click the PRACTICE button to practice at home (don't forget to login at the top right first)

Ballet Curriculum


Hip Hop Curriculum


Navigating the Dance Kids Toronto Curriculum: A Path to Progress and Mastery

Dance education is a dynamic journey that combines creativity, discipline, and a love for movement. At Dance Kids Toronto, our curriculum is the compass that guides our students toward progress and mastery in the world of dance. Whether you are a current student looking to practice at home or a potential student seeking a sneak peek, our curriculum is the roadmap to a rewarding dance experience.

Unlocking the Dance Kids Curriculum: Preview and Practice

We understand that both current and potential students may have different needs when it comes to accessing our curriculum. To cater to these needs, we offer two distinct options for engaging with our curriculum: Preview and Practice.

  • Preview: If you are not a current student and want a sneak peek into what our curriculum has to offer, the Preview button is your gateway to exploration. It provides a glimpse into the content, structure, and topics covered in our dance classes. It's a way to assess the richness and diversity of our curriculum before embarking on your dance journey with us.

  • Practice: For our current students, the Practice button is your portal to honing your skills at home. It's an opportunity to reinforce what you've learned in class and perfect your dance moves in the comfort of your own space. To access this valuable resource, don't forget to log in at the top right corner first.

The Dance Kids Toronto Curriculum: Your Guide to Success

The Dance Kids Toronto curriculum is the foundation of our approach to dance education. It is meticulously designed to provide a structured and comprehensive learning experience, ensuring that our students receive the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their dance journey.

Structured Learning Modules: Building Blocks of Dance Education

Our curriculum is organized into structured learning modules that serve as the building blocks of dance education. These modules cover various dance styles, techniques, and creative aspects, allowing students to explore and master a wide range of dance genres. From ballet to hip hop, contemporary to jazz, our curriculum offers a diverse and enriching learning experience.

Comprehensive Skill Development: Nurturing Talent

The curriculum is focused on comprehensive skill development, nurturing the talent and potential of each student. It encompasses technical aspects, artistic expression, and creativity, providing a well-rounded education that equips students with the tools to shine on stage.

Progressive Levels: Advancing at Your Pace

To ensure that students progress at their own pace, the curriculum is divided into progressive levels. This allows students to move from foundational skills to more advanced techniques as they develop their dance abilities. The progressive approach ensures that learning is both challenging and achievable, motivating students to reach new heights.

Diverse Dance Styles: Exploring the World of Dance

Our curriculum covers a diverse range of dance styles, exposing students to the beauty and richness of dance from around the world. Whether it's the grace of ballet, the energy of hip hop, or the fluidity of contemporary dance, our curriculum allows students to explore and appreciate different dance genres.

Technical Precision: Mastering the Art of Dance

Technical precision is a cornerstone of our curriculum. Students are guided through the intricate details of dance movements, ensuring that they master the art of dance with accuracy and finesse. The curriculum places a strong emphasis on proper technique, enabling students to dance with grace and confidence.

Artistic Expression: Telling Stories Through Movement

Dance is not just about mastering steps; it's also about telling stories through movement. Our curriculum encourages students to embrace artistic expression, allowing them to convey emotions, narratives, and their unique perspectives through dance. This creative aspect of the curriculum enhances the artistry of our students.

Mastery of Choreography: Creating Captivating Performances

Choreography is a vital component of our curriculum. Students have the opportunity to explore and master dance routines that challenge their coordination, memory, and performance abilities. This mastery of choreography prepares them for captivating and memorable performances on stage.

Continuous Learning: Building Skills and Confidence

The curriculum is designed for continuous learning, ensuring that students build skills and confidence with each class. As they progress through the levels, they not only acquire technical expertise but also develop self-assuredness in their abilities as dancers.

A Comprehensive Dance Education: Preparing for the Stage

At Dance Kids Toronto, our curriculum is more than a collection of dance routines. It's a comprehensive dance education that prepares students for the stage. It equips them with the knowledge, skills, and artistic sensibilities needed to shine in recitals and performances.

Progression and Mastery: A Personal Journey

Progressing through the curriculum and mastering dance skills is a personal journey for every student. The curriculum provides the structure, guidance, and resources, but it's the dedication and commitment of the student that bring about growth and achievement.

The Power of Practice: Enhancing Skills at Home

For our current students, the Practice option is an invaluable resource that allows them to enhance their skills at home. It's a platform where they can revisit class content, perfect their moves, and maintain a consistent practice routine.

Unlocking Potential: Where Passion Meets Practice

Practice is where passion meets practice. It's where the dance moves learned in class become refined and polished. It's a space for students to build muscle memory, improve coordination, and deepen their understanding of the dance styles they love.

Conclusion: Dance Kids Toronto – Where Learning Never Ends

The Dance Kids Toronto curriculum is a source of guidance, inspiration, and knowledge for students on their dance journey. It offers structured learning modules, comprehensive skill development, progressive levels, diverse dance styles, and a focus on technical precision and artistic expression.

For our current students, the Practice option is the key to continuous improvement and mastery. It's a place where they can unlock their potential and take their dance skills to new heights. At Dance Kids Toronto, learning is a never-ending adventure, and our curriculum is the map that leads the way.