Winter Recital 2024

Recital: Saturday, January 20, 2024
Venue: York Woods Library Theatre
Address: 1785 Finch Ave W, Toronto, ON M3N 1M6

What to Expect

  • 60 min. before show time - Dancers sign-in & arrive in costume

  • 45 min. before show time - Dancers take a photo

  • 15 min. before show time - Audience enters & takes seats

  • Start of Show
  • 1 mins - A Video Message
  • 3 mins - Level 2 - Ballet
  • 3 mins - Level 1 - Ballet
  • 3 mins - Level 1 - Ballet & Hip Hop
  • 3 mins - Level 1 - Ballet & Hip Hop
  • 3 mins - Level 1 - Hip Hop
  • 3 mins - Level 2 - Hip Hop
  • 3 mins - Finale Dance (All Dancers)
  • 12 mins - Goodbye Solo & Awards
  • End of Show

How to be in the Recital

Step #1

Get Information
CLICK HERE ➤ www.dancekids.ca/recital

Step #2

Find Your Show Time
CLICK HERE ➤ https://www.dancekids.ca/find-my-show

Step #3

Get tickets
CLICK HERE26147.danceticketing.com

Step #4

☞ Enjoy a wonderful 90 minutes with close friends and family while you support and cheer for your child.


11:00am • 1:30pm • 4:00pm

11:00am Recital Cast Below

  • 10:00am - Sign-in
  • 10:15am - Take a photo
  • 10:45am - Audience enters
  • 11:00am - Show starts
  • 11:45am - Show ends
  • 12:00pm - Sign-out

43 Dancers

  Adriana   D.   Bronze
  Alessio   K.   B. Trophy
  Amelia   R.   Bronze*
  Anastasia   G.   B. Trophy
  Angela   O.   Silver
  Bianca   E.   Silver
  Blake   L.   Bronze
  Briana   H.   Gold
  Daniella   S.   Bronze
  Dulce   S.   Gold
  Ellie Jane   M.   Silver
  Emma   R.   B. Trophy
  Enya   K.   B. Trophy
  Enzo   N.   B. Trophy
  Evie   P.   Bronze*
  Faith   D.   B. Trophy
  Giulia   B.   Diamond
  Isabella   D.   Gold
  Isabella   C.   B. Trophy
  J-zie Ann   O.   Bronze
  Jaida   L.   Bronze
  Jamiyah   A.   B. Trophy
  Jasmin   P.   Bronze
  Juancho   A.   B. Trophy
  Kate   U.   Bronze
  Kenzy   M.   B. Trophy
  Lanikai   B.   B. Trophy
  Leannedra   D.   Bronze
  Lucia   G.   Bronze
  Madison   S.   B. Trophy
  MariaLuisa   T.   Gold
  Marielle   M.   Silver
  Markeizsha   L.   B. Trophy
  Marlowe   Z.   Bronze
  Nasra   M.   Silver
  Pema   K.   Diamond
  Penny   P.   Bronze
  Priscilla   E.   Diamond
  Sabrina   B.   B. Trophy
  Scarlet   C.   Silver
  Sophie   D.   Diamond
  Vanessa   D.   Bronze
  Zoya   M.   Silver

1:30pm Recital Cast Below

  • 12:30pm - Sign-in
  • 12:45pm - Take a photo
  • 1:15pm - Audience enters
  • 1:30pm - Show starts
  • 2:15pm - Show ends
  • 2:30pm - Sign-out

43 Dancers

 Abigail   M.  Bronze
 Alessia   D.  Bronze
 Aria   R.  Bronze
 Aria   L.  B. Trophy
 Ariel   B.  Gold
 Camila   E.  Bronze
 Carolina   S.  B. Trophy
 Charlotte   C.  Diamond
 Clara   D.  B. Trophy
 Deborah   M.  B. Trophy
 Emilia   A.  Bronze
 Emilia   D.  Bronze
 Emily   M.  Bronze
 Georgia   S.  B. Trophy
 Hazel   E.  Gold
 Isabella   C.  Gold
 Jack   P.  Bronze
 Joana   D.  B. Trophy
 Kalayah   R.  Silver
 Kirpa   A.  Bronze*
 Kylie   W.  Bronze
 Leah Rose   P.  B. Trophy
 Leigha   R.  Bronze
 Leila   P.  Gold
 Lillie   K.  Bronze
 Lily-Rose   P.  Gold
 Maggie   D.  Bronze
 Mariana   S.  Gold
 Marley   I.  Silver
 Mia   F.  Diamond
 Mila   Q.  Bronze
 Mila   D.  Bronze
 Mila   C.  Bronze
 Olivia   R.  Bronze
 Olivia   L.  B. Trophy
 Salome   Q.  Diamond
 Scarlette   D.  Bronze
 Serena   F.  Diamond
 Shiloh   H.  Diamond
 Sofia   D.  B. Trophy
 Stella   H.  Bronze
 Tatiana   R.  Bronze
 Valentina   W.  Bronze

4:00pm Recital Cast Below

  • 3:00pm - Sign-in
  • 3:15pm - Take a photo
  • 3:45pm - Audience enters
  • 4:00pm - Show starts
  • 4:45pm - Show ends
  • 5:00pm - Sign-out

53 Dancers

  Adam   L.  Bronze
  Adora   M.  Bronze
  Adrian   B.  B. Trophy
  Alejandra   L.  B. Trophy
  Alexandra   V.  B. Trophy
  Aliana   T.  B. Trophy
  Alice Zoe Grace   B.  Bronze*
  Alina   B.  B. Trophy
  Amara   R.  Bronze
  Amaya Faith   Q.  B. Trophy
  Avielle   O.  Bronze
  Cassandra   P.  Silver
  Cathleya   A.  B. Trophy
  Catriona   D.  Bronze
  Cian Marcus   A.  Bronze
  Daphne   H.  Bronze
  Deanna   H.  Diamond
  Ecru   V.  Bronze
  Hana   V.  Bronze
  Harmony   N.  Bronze*
  Ivy   N.  Bronze
  Jacob Grey   B.  Bronze
  Jaden   M.  Gold
  James   M.  Gold
  James-Henry   M.  B. Trophy
  Jenya   A.  B. Trophy
  Kaila   P.  B. Trophy
  Landon   T.  Bronze
  Lara Alessia   T.  B. Trophy
  Laura Thu   N.  Bronze
  LeAndrew   T.  B. Trophy
  Lilia   H.  Bronze
  Lois Madison   F.  Bronze
  Louise   V.  B. Trophy
  Lynn   N.  Bronze
  Madalynn   U.  B. Trophy
  Madison   D.  B. Trophy
  Maribelle   N.  B. Trophy
  Mia     Bronze
  Mila Jess   Q.  Silver
  Princess Angel   L.  Diamond
  Rayshel   L.  B. Trophy
  Reina   T.  Bronze
  Rhea   G.  Gold
  Santiago   G.  Bronze
  Selena   C.  B. Trophy
  Skai   F.  B. Trophy
  Tanvi   N.  Gold
  Theodore   L.  Diamond
  Xia   X.  Bronze
  Xyreen   M.  B. Trophy
  Zean Grey   P.  Bronze
  Zoroya-Isaiah   J.  B. Trophy